Sergeant Joseph T. Weyer

joe-weyerJoe Weyer created Weyer Tactical after years of law enforcement and military experience. He had the desire to bring his knowledge and experience to the public. He began gaining his knowledge in the military, serving with a Special Operations Unit in the late 1980s. When his law enforcement career began, Joe was able to take training from some of the best instructors in the United States and from abroad. Operationally, Joe has participated in and led over 300 critical operations from protective details to high-risk warrants to barricades. Joe is a state certified firearms instructor as well as an NRA certified instructor in multiple weapon platforms.

Joe has taught hundreds of military personnel, police officers (both domestic and foreign) and qualified citizens in various use-of-force disciplines ranging from basic and advanced handgun to carbine and shotgun.


Kevin Brown

Kevin has been a member of the Alliance Police Department since 2004 and a 16-year veteran of the Special Response Team. He is currently a Patrolman assigned to the Patrol Division. Prior to being a police officer, he was in the Navy serving on the aircraft carrier USS George Washington and in the Air Force serving as a Security Forces Journeyman with tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

Kevin is currently the Senior Operational Team Leader for the Alliance Special Response Team. He has taken part in and led the team in high-risk arrest/search warrant services, barricaded subjects, and hostage rescues. Kevin is a OPOTA certified rifle and semi-auto pistol instructor, an Alliance Police Department and Tennessee POST CQB instructor, a Reflex Protect Presidia Gel instructor, a Liberty Dynamics Enhanced Distraction Device instructor, and a Mechanical, Ballistic, Thermal, and Explosive Breaching instructor. He has also taught Chemical and Less Lethal Munitions, Distraction Devices, OC aerosols, and night vision operations.