APD Staff Instructed Courses

These are conducted by our in-house training personnel who have far exceeded the state mandated instructor courses. The primary instructors have an extensive training resume with recommendations from very well known private trainers as well as current military special operations trainers.

Our primary instructors have completed over 275 real-world police special operations and have experienced countless other confrontations as Patrol Officers and Investigators. They are also military veterans with overseas experience.

Our personnel will never pretend to know it all, to be a proper Instructor is to be a good student. There are no ego displays, we value our colleagues and we learn from you as well.

Hosted Courses

This is where we bring in outside trainers from the best the private world has to offer. This is where you will see EAG Tactical, LMS Defense and Sentinel Concepts to name a few. This brings new knowledge to our attendees and our in-house instructors. If you do not explore different sources of training, you will stagnate.

Special Rules

  • Open Enrollment – citizens that are not law enforcement or military can participate in training. We believe that the good citizens that support us should have a training outlet and we are one of only a few agencies in the country where that is possible. OPEN ENROLLMENT COURSES REQUIRE US CITIZENSHIP/LEGAL PERMANENT RESIDENCE AND A PISTOL CCW LICENSE FROM ANY STATE. There may be further vetting requirements as necessary.
  • As you might expect, we will never train known criminals or those who wish to harm our great nation!
  • Restricted Courses – only open to law enforcement, military (active/NG/Res.) or contractors with a DOD issued Common Access Card.
  • Prerequisite Course – open to private citizens, however, they must have met certain prior training requirements due to the intensity level or specific/unusual hazards of a course. If you are a training junkie, you probably qualify.
  • If your agency, community group or organization desires a specific type of training, please let us know. We would love to help you and if your request is beyond our capabilities, we will help you find a solution.
  • Our staff courses are relatively inexpensive. All funds received by attendees go right back into training and equipment, NEVER salaries or benefits.
  • Note for firearms courses: Unless otherwise indicated, reliable .22lr versions of AR-15 rifles (or SCAR, MP5/GSG, SIG, etc.) and carbines are acceptable provided they have the same operation as the parent rifle/carbine. These can drastically reduce your ammunition costs. In some cases sub-caliber handguns may be acceptable, please check reference handguns.
  • We have a number of loaner .22lr S&W MP-15 rifles available at no charge, contact us for details.