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One Life Defense CQB: Principles and Validation

November 9, 2019 @ 8:00 am - November 10, 2019 @ 6:00 pm

Introduction to CQB (2-DAY, Force-on-Force)

CQB is more than just team based tactics. In fact, a great amount of criminal violence occurs in what is technically defined as “close quarters”. Gas stations, stores, malls, offices, parking lots full of cars and obstacles and, quite commonly, homes. The principles, procedures and mechanics of fighting with weapons inside of structures, in closed spaces and around obstacles are imperative skills to the civilian and lone patrol officer as much as they are to professional teams.

This course is an excellent introduction for both the civilian and the law enforcement patrol officer covering the principles and procedures fighting inside of a structure, around obstacles and in close proximity to opponents. This could mean dealing with a home invasion, responding to an active shooter or alarm call, getting yourself and others out of a building during a fight, as well as innumerable other applicable scenarios. Learning better ways to fight in and around your home, or through corridors, buildings and around obstacles, is essential for anyone who carries a gun for protection or work. This course is a deep introduction into the principles of this part of fighting.

Day ONE will cover lectures and runs in the house utilizing paper targets and 2 man teams. Day TWO will cover 2 man and solo runs in the house against live aggressors utilizing UTM ammunition Force-on-Force to validate what we learned in the first 10 hour block. It is not simply room clearing, these scenarios will range from home defense, VIP evacuation, gas station/store robbery, and even active shooters in public spaces.

CQB is not only a system for fighting inside of a structure. It is based on and teaches you principles that will apply universally to fighting, no matter where you are. Learning methods of fighting inside of a structure is not the only benefit of this CQB training. What you will learn here will change the way you see the world around you in high stress situations, and will help you formulate plans and execute movements in environments like parking lots, parks, gas stations, as well as inside of structures. You will also be introduced to the importance of working with and around other people who do not need shot during a weapons-hot situation and learn procedural ways on how to deal with that constant issue. Whether you work professionally with a partner, team mates, or you just find yourself corralling your family or moving with a gun around the public, the preparation for this is critical in fight training.

You’ve put in the work establishing the skills and techniques in marksmanship and weapons manipulations, now it’s time to learn how to fight with those skills. Some of what we will introduce:

Advanced safety and chaotic environment muzzle control

Shapes, Obstacles and Movement

When to advance, when to stay put, managing contacts, and how to develop “areas of denial”

Identifying and moving through “shapes” and around obstacles procedurally

An INTRODUCTION to the concepts of Door Procedures, Room Procedures, Hallway Procedures, Priority of Threat Procedures

Footwork for Fighting in shapes

Scenarios will be developed to test you

This is an Introduction to Procedures level course. You should have safe weapons handling and marksmanship prior to attending. Procedures are the combination of skills and techniques to solve specific problems. In complex fighting, such as inside of structures, you have to perform a list of tasks: process critical information in real time; make high consequence decisions based on that information in real time; perform ancillary tasks under stress like opening doors, operating lights, manipulating weapons and maintaining muzzle safety; prioritize threat potentialities as they appear and apply skills and techniques to deal with them; constantly minimize your angles of exposure while maximizing your angles of force…the list goes on. Clearly, developing procedures will simplify this problem as much as possible. This class is the introduction to doing just that.


This is a PISTOL only, UTM only class, UTM pistols and protective headgear will be provided. You are responsible for the purchase of your UTM rounds, so budget for at least 125 rounds @ 0.70 per round. Keep in mind, if you shoot more you should be prepared to budget for that.

Cost: $350 ($175 per day)
Active LE gets 10% discount (email Varg for discount code)

Saturday 8AM to 6PM (or as late as needed)
Sunday 9AM to 6PM


  • Long sleeve shirt, full leg pants, shooting gloves and neck protection (scarf or dedicated protector). You WILL get hit with UTM
  • A working knowledge of weapons safety, marksmanship and manipulations prior to attending
  • Snacks and hydration (plan for long days, Course Level: Serious)
  • A good attitude for learning


November 9, 2019 @ 8:00 am
November 10, 2019 @ 6:00 pm
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