Shoothouse Instructor

Topics Covered:

  • Safe and realistic target placement
  • Situations that can get your students injured
  • The importance of crawl/walk/run method
  • The role of the Safety Officer and Instructor
  • Planning training at your agency or unit
  • Includes house design, target considerations, safe movement through the house, instructor talking points and suggested SOP’s


  • This is a 2-day, 18 hour course that provides a solid foundation for running a shoothouse or CQB course at your own agency or unit safely and efficiently
  • Attendees will perform numerous live-fire runs in the house and act as instructors during live-fire runs
  • Open to Police, Military, and Department of Defense
  • Cost is $150

Gear List for Carbine Shoothouse

  • Carbine (with sling) and/or handgun with three functional magazines per and holster/load bearing equipment
  • 250 rounds of ammunition for each weapon system
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Body Armor
  • Helmet (if issued, we have loaners)
  • Range appropriate clothing
  • Pen and paper
  • Water and snacks
  • Personal tourniquet, any one-handed operation type