Combative Carbine

Topics Covered:

  • Conventional and unusual shooting positions/use of cover/vehicles
  • Dealing with mechanical offset
  • Engagement from 0-200 yards
  • Transition to secondary
  • Fast multiple target engagement without sacrificing accuracy
  • For optics users, occluded sighting and downed optics drills
  • Complex and simple malfunctions reduction
  • Two-person movement drills


  • This is NOT a beginners course
  • This 8-9 hour course is for the shooter with a developed foundation of skills
  • Open to valid Concealed Carry Holders with prior staff approval (contact Joe Weyer)
  • Cost is $100

Gear List

  • Carbine (with sling) and/or handgun with three functional magazines per and holster/load bearing equip
  • 350 rounds for primary weapon, 50 rounds for a secondary (if used)
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Body Armor (if normally worn)
  • Range appropriate clothing
  • Pen and paper
  • Water and snacks are advised