APD Staff Instructed

Det. Joseph T. Weyer

joe-weyerJoe Weyer created Weyer Tactical after years of law enforcement and military experience. He had the desire to bring his knowledge and experience to the public. He began gaining his knowledge in the military, serving with a Special Operations Unit in the late 1980s. When his law enforcement career began, Joe was able to take training from some of the best instructors in the United States and from abroad. Operationally, Joe has participated in and led over 300 critical operations from protective details to high-risk warrants to barricades. Joe is a state certified firearms instructor as well as an NRA certified instructor in multiple weapon platforms.

Joe has taught hundreds of military personnel, police officers (both domestic and foreign) and qualified citizens in various use-of-force disciplines ranging from basic and advanced handgun to carbine and shotgun.

Mike ‘Doc’ Jones

doc-jonesMike has been a police officer since 2001 and with the Alliance Police Department since 2005 where he has served as a patrol officer, Special Investigations Detective and is the departments certified Clandestine Lab Officer and Site Safety Officer as well as Methamphetamine Awareness Instructor. Mike is currently a Detective assigned to the FBI Safe Streets Task Force in Stark County which investigates violent crimes, narcotics, street gangs, outlaw motorcycle gangs, fugitives, bank robberies and other major crimes.

Mike is currently the team leader for the Alliance Special Response Team and has been a tactical officer since 2003. Mike has been involved in several hundred operations involving high risk warrant service to include barricaded subjects, hostage rescue and high risk fugitive apprehensions. Mike is head of the Alliance SRT Breaching program and is an instructor in mechanical, ballistic, thermal and explosive breaching. Mike is also a certified instructor in Live-Fire Shoothouse, O.C, Distraction Devices, Chemical and Less Lethal munitions as well as Close Quarter Battle, Post Blast Investigation, IRTB and PRSBI. Mike is a NRA Certified Pistol Instructor and a certified OPOTA (Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission) instructor in Semi Auto Pistol, Carbine and Precision Rifle. Mike has trained hundreds of police and military personnel, both domestic and foreign, as well responsible citizens in subject ranging from CCW to Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun and CQB.

Mike has received extensive training from a variety of sources including but not limited to LMS Defense (Last Man Standing, John”Chappy”Chapman), EAG Tactical (Pat Rogers, USMC/ NYPD Ret), Magpul Dynamics (Steve “Yeti” Fisher, Jon Canipe) Singleton International, CTS (Combined Tactical Systems), T.E.E.S (Tactical Energetic Entry Systems), OPOTA, F.B.I, the explosives techs at New Mexico Tech/EMRTC and LAPD SWAT 41D platoon.

John Mayer

John is a Retired Army Green Beret from the 7th Special Forces Group. During John’s 20 years of military service, he deployed to 100’s of countries all over the world. John finished his military career as the 7th SFG Master Breacher and was responsible for teaching 100’s of other SF soldiers breaching and tactical techniques. When John retired in 2005, he became the lead breaching instructor for Tactical Explosive Entry School and Olive Security Training Center. After 2 years, John started Tactical Energetic Entry Systems and became part owner. During his time at TEES, John wrote several new courses, built two top notch training facilities, and advised other LE agencies on how to build their own. John has been an instructor with several other agencies to include, the State Department, ALERT, Breaching Technologies, and Ensign and Bickford. Since John has left TEES, he has graduated Mississippi Law Enforcement Training Academy and Mississippi SWAT School and has become a full time Deputy for the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Department and a breacher for the SWAT team. John has over 30 years of training experience and his overall commitment, motivation, and dedication, is second to none in the industry.

Bill Clark

bill-clarkBill Clark is a Patrol Officer with the Alliance Police Dept. Prior to that Bill entered the United States Army. Upon completing Infantry training Clark volunteered for airborne training and the Ranger selection program. After selection Clark spent the remainder of his active duty time in Alpha company 1st Battalion 75 Ranger Regiment. In that capacity Bill is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. After active duty, Bill began college and entered the Ohio Air National Guard as a Combat Arms Instructor. In this position Bill improved the weapons training program of the 179th Wing. Stream lining the training program and enhancing safety for instructors and all trainees of the unit. Clark continues to serve in this position today. Bill has attended hundreds of hours of specialized training and has been active instructing foreign police as well.