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88 Tactical

(402) 933-7171||https://88tactical.com/

88 Tactical is an elite training organization focused on helping individuals, families, emergency services workers, and military members develop the confidence and ability to deal with any situation or crisis.

Our cadre is a highly credentialed and heavily vetted group of professionals from the special operations military, law enforcement, fire and rescue, and civilian training sectors who have dedicated their lives to serving, and more importantly, preparing the public and others to prevail.

We recognize that the first person capable of acting is the true “first responder,” and having a prepared and willing population is one of the bedrocks of our great nation. Because of this, 88 Tactical offers an unrivaled broad range of instruction in firearms, self-defense, anti-bullying, combat fitness, self-rescue, field medicine, bushcraft and survival, and other tactical disciplines.

In 2003 Shea Degan created one of the most modern and fastest-growing security franchises in the United States. During this process, he identified a need to provide law enforcement, military, and the civilian community with diversified, tactical instruction that would keep them secure in the face of a changing and uncertain future. Shea channeled this demand into a new venture, founding 88 Tactical.

As Shea’s newly founded company grew, he recruited his long-time friend Trevor Thrasher, a tenured law enforcement officer and combat veteran Army Green Beret. Degan and Thrasher developed a unique curriculum based on their concept of Reality Behavior-Based Conditioning©. In 2012 David Henson joined the partnership to fulfill the growing responsibilities in logistics, finance, and administration. Together, they plan to expand the 88 Tactical concept throughout the United States and abroad.

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